I'm An Li. I live in Hangzhou China, where I waste time on beautiful things.

Ever since I was in second grade, I knew I would eventually become a programmer when I first time saw this little box of a computer, I wanted to figure out everything about it... why could I use button in Operate System to make it shut down physically? Why can software control the real physical world? When I was in high school, I used QBasic to write games on top of a PDA for student called Wenquxing, and resulting in 200 degrees of myopia because too close to the PDA for fear of being discovered by the teacher.

Programming has brought me a lot, from career to wealth, from China to America, from newcomer to managerial role, and more importantly, it has taught me to think logically and rigorously. There was a time when I was no longer young when I could only program. When I took my eyes off the monitor, I realized that I had spent enough time on this wonderful thing called programming, and I was going to find more wonderful things to give more time to. I think I may have found it, and I've decided that instead of just being a programmer, I'm going to create, and create things that others will appreciate.